Products: Delicatessen

We carry a range of fantastic German imported products that perfectly complement  your next meal.

  • Thomy and Kuehne mustards
  • Pfanni Dumpling and Rosti range
  • A variety of red cabbage, sauerkraut and Kale
  • Ritter sport chocolates
  • Shwartau jams
  • Kuhne pickled gherkins, onions, etc.....
  • Many other specialty products


Hunter Belle Cheese

Hunter Belle Cheese produces unique, artisan cheeses made from the milk of brown swiss cows using traditional cheese making methodes.

Cheddar Belle is a delicate cheese matured foer a minimum of eight months and has depth of flavour with crumbly texture.

Belleeyere has a nutty aroma with the smooth texture of a swiss style gruyere.

Blue Moon is a semi hard blue vein that is fruit on the palette, creamy but firm to touch.

Jannei Goat Dairy

Jannei Goat Dairy is located near Lithgow in the Blue Mountain Ranges and produces a high quality sustainable product using the milk of a predominately swiss dairy goat breed.

Bent Back Chevre with its white mould develops a robust flavour and lengthening of pallet as it ripens.

Buche Blanc is a fresh, non-ashed, pressed goats cheese that is mild and creamy with delicate flavour.

Buche Noir is ash coated and made from milk collected the same day. The pressed curd has a fresh milk taste that is delicate and creamy in texture.

Bangalow Cheese Co

Bangalow Cheese Co near Byron Bay produces a range of award winning cheeses.

Nashua Washed Rind with its distinct orange white rind and complex flavour profile has beautiful earthy truffle like aromas.

Tindenbar Triple Cream Brie has full rich buttery flavours with outstanding textures.

The Second Mouse Cheese Co

The Second Mouse Cheese Co is a small boutique producer from the Orange Region

Double Brie with its thin but 'bitey' rind has a deep mushroom flavour, rich nuttiness and inner centre which oozes flavour.

Washed Rind is a milder variety with a buttery texture and earthy flavours

Quark is a smooth, fresh curd made from cow's milk that has great capacity to carry added flavours. Sensational in the use for baked cheesecake, sweet or savoury dips and spreads.


We cater for custom orders where special dietary needs are taken into consideration, or work with your recipe in conjunction with your dietitian or doctor where allergies or intolerances need to be considered.